General Information

This year's show was held at the Round Valley High School, located at 550 N. Butler St, Eagar, AZ 85925 about 3/4 mile by road from Quilter's Haven.  The new venue was a great success!

Our next show will be in April of 2020 at the RVHS.  Details and more info to come.

Application Information

Entry application:  

One entry form per item.  Photo must be included.  Extra charge if we have to take the photo.

Application due date:

Entry forms

Pick up forms at

  • Quilter's Haven, Eagar AZ
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • Online TBA

Show forms (Note: you can still use the earlier 2019 forms with the former location -- there are no other differences)

  • ​Show info sheet WORD    PDF
  • Entry form WORD    PDF
  • Consignment boutique info sheet WORD    PDF
  • Consignment boutique entry form WORD    PDF
  • Bed turning entry form WORD    PDF

Submit application to:
In person:  

  • Quilter’s Haven, Eagar AZ                                               
  • TBA, Pinetop/Lakeside or Showlow AZ 

Or mail to: Quilter’s Haven, PO Box 1334, Eagar AZ 85925

Questions?  Quilter’s Haven at 928-333-2739
or Sue Ziegler at 928-245-0338


Item Information




  • Small (299” or less perimeter, total length of all sides)
  • Large (300” or greater perimeter)
  • Wall hanging (any size)
  • Machine embroidered (any size)
  • Hand quilted (any size)
  • Novice (any size, one of first three quilts a person has made, date must be given in “story”)

Fiber Arts:

  • Wearable (hats, scarves, clothes, handbags, belts, etc)
  • Functional (rugs, placemats, towels, curtains, baskets, etc)
  • Art (wall hangings, tapestries, non-functional baskets, etc)

Wall hanging/Art (any size)

NOTE: Above categories are subject to change until January 1, 2020


Sleeves for hanging are not required on quilts.

Labels:  Quilts must have a label on the lower left of the back identifying the maker/quilter and name of the quilt.  Other items may contain a label or provide the information on the entry form.

Judging (Viewer's Choice)

Viewer's Choice: By category, First/Second/Honorable Mention

Viewer's Choice: Item most wanted to take home

AZ Hall of Fame (quilts only)

Judging (Professional):


Submission:  Items will be submitted and returned in clear plastic bags.

Show Timelines
Entry form, fee, and photo must be received or postmarked no later than



APRIL 2020
Eagar AZ

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