Your Community Quilt Shop on the Mountain

2023 show

Round Valley Quilt and Fiber Arts Show

Round Valley High School 

 Eagar AZ 

June 23 and 24, 2023

Note: This year all quilt entries will be judged

​by Cindy Seitz-Krug


​Round Valley Quilt and Fiber Arts Show
Round Valley High School Multi-Purpose Room, Eagar AZ
June 23 (10am-4pm) and 24 (10am-3pm), 2023


Entry application:   One entry form per item, along with $5 fee and color photo of item, with entrant’s name and item title/name on back of photo. (Shop will take photo for additional $3 fee if desired.)

Separate entry form for Bed Turning quilts (photo required but no entry fee).

Submit application to:    

Quilter’s Haven, 41 W 2nd Ave # A-1334 (Basha's Plaza), Eagar AZ
Or mail to: Quilter’s Haven, PO Box 1334, Eagar AZ 85925

Questions?  Quilter’s Haven at 928-333-2739 or Sue Ziegler at 928-245-0338                                                

 Application due date:    On or before June 3, 2023

Categories: Quilts (identify only one category per item on entry form).  Whether pieced, appliqué, or embroidered is determined by which predominates in amount or effect.  Show committee reserves the right to assign category as needed.

  • Pieced - Small (250” or less perimeter, total length of all sides)
  • Pieced - Large (greater than 250” perimeter)
  • Appliqué
  • Machine embroidered
  • Hand quilted
  • Domestic machine quilted
  • Novice (one of first three quilts a person has made; must be explained in “story”)
  • Art Quilt
  • Other

Categories: Fiber Arts: 

  • Wearable (hats, scarves, clothes, handbags, belts, etc)
  • Functional (rugs, placemats, towels, curtains, baskets, etc)
  • Art (wall hangings, tapestries, non-functional baskets, etc)

Bed turning:  (Saturday at noon) Every Quilt Has a Story.  You are welcome to be present to give the history of your item but this is not required; you will provide the history on your entry form.  Entry form and photo required but no entry fee for Bed Turning quilts.

All items must be clean and show-ready.  No animal hair, threads, dirt, odor, etc.  Otherwise items will not be accepted.

Sleeves (or loops) for hanging are NOT required.  We will use clips for hanging.

Labels:  Quilts must have a label on the lower left corner of the back identifying the maker (and quilter, if someone else) and name of the quilt; it may also contain other information.  Other items must either contain a label or provide the information on the entry form.

Viewers’ Choice Judging:  1st, 2nd, and Honorable Mention in each category may be awarded.  Patriotic quilts will be judged, 1st Place only.  In addition, there will be an award for The Item I Most Want to Take Home with Me. 

Voting on Friday, with results shown Saturday.

Professional Critique and Judging:  Cindy Seitz-Krug will critique quilts.  She will award 1st  and 2nd Place and Honorable Mention prizes as appropriate.  She will also award Best of Show and Judge’s Choice.  Indicate on the entry form if you wish to opt-out of this judging; no change in entry fee. 

Sale:  Indicate on entry form if an item is for sale and for how much.  Shop will collect 20% commission on sales (which will go to the scholarship fund).

Raffle Quilt:  Please complete a vendor form.  There is no fee for a raffle quilt but we need the information.

Submission:  Items will be submitted and returned in clear plastic bags.  Items must not be glass-covered (as in frame).

Entry form, fee, and photo must be received or postmarked no later than June 3, 2023. 

Items can be turned in to Quilter’s Haven (Eagar AZ) no later than June 10 during business hours (10am – 4:30pm), or to Pinetop Star (Pinetop AZ 928-367-2709) no later than June 7.  Items may not be accepted after the due date, and no refund will be made.  Items turned in at Pinetop Star should include a duplicate copy of the entry form.

Pickup:  On Saturday, June 24, the show will end at 3pm.  Items will be available for pickup between 4pm and 5pm at the show site.  If you cannot pick up your item at that time, pickup will be available at Quilter’s Haven on June 26 and 27, or Pinetop Star on June 29 and 30, during business hours.  Be sure to indicate your preference for pickup site on the entry form.